On The Issues

Making Government Work for Us

"The State House is broken. Instead of listening to the people they represent, politicians are putting lobbyists and insiders ahead of the needs of their community. Scandal after scandal has made it clear we have a problem in Rhode Island. If we can’t even trust our elected officials, then nothing else matters. We need change."

Reforming Government: Laufton will work to pass term limits for all members of the general assembly, establish a line item veto, and sponsor legislation to reform the legislative process to accommodate and prioritize citizens over paid lobbyists.

Holding Elected Officials Accountable: Elected Officials shouldn’t get to play by a different set of rules than the people they represent. Laufton will work to make sure that when laws are broken the consequences are real, and not just a slap on the wrist. He will push for active auditing of our elected officials for violations and conflicts of interest.

Lessening the Influence of Lobbyists: You deserve to know your elected official is pushing a policy because they believe in it, not because their donors demand it. Laufton will work to pass a ban on lobbyists contributing to elected officials while lobbyists' bills are under consideration, impose a gift ban, and implement a system of public financing for all state elections.


Preserving our Environment

"The Bay and our parks are at the heart of our community. We have to do everything we can to protect them. That means protecting access to and the quality of our water. It also means doing everything we can to protect our neighbors from the effects of climate change."

Protecting Our Bay: Laufton comes from a family of fisherman and has spent his whole life in the Bay. He will work to make sure the quality of our water and our beaches are preserved. As well as encourage continued investment in our parks and greenways.

Investing in Clean Energy: Rhode Islanders spend over 3 billion dollars on fossil fuels every year and produce virtually none. Laufton will work to ensure our state invests heavily in safer sources of energy, such as wind and solar. Not only protecting our environment but it will also create tens of thousands of sustainable, family supporting jobs. Laufton advocates putting a price on Carbon to ensure polluters and corporations pay for this transition.

Defending Against Climate Change: Laufton will work to develop programs to help residents and communities prepare for the effects of climate change. Flooding, power outages, and property destruction will all become commonplace if we don’t take the steps now to prepare. The longer we wait, the higher the eventual price tag becomes.


Creating an Economy Built for All

“Growing up, I was taught that when the community thrives, so does everyone within it, and that when one of our neighbors is suffering, we’re all hurt by that. Our community will only be successful if everyone within it has a fair shot at success. We need to put Rhode Islanders first and build an economy that truly works for all.”

Lessening Costs on Families: Laufton will work to limit the major costs that are holding families back. He will work to establish a Universal Pre K education program. This program will not only provide an early education that has lifelong positive effects but will also help lessen the costs of child care.

Protecting Seniors' Freedom: Laufton will push to provide a comprehensive care system for our seniors that allows them to age with dignity and on their own terms. We must ensure that seniors with limited income are not overtaxed and that home health care services are sufficiently funded. 

Ensuring Livable Wages: A Rhode Islander working full time on the minimum wage can’t even afford the basic necessities of life. We need to raise the wage so that no one who is working full time lives in poverty. Laufton will push to gradually raise the minimum wage over five years to $15 an hour. Laufton will also work to pass legislation to outlaw pay discrimination.

Investing in Rhode Islanders First: Laufton will work to redirect tax breaks from out of state corporations to locally owned, locally run businesses. Rhode Islanders who believe in our community and start a business here face endless red tape and receive almost no support from our state. Let's put Rhode Island businesses first.

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Public Safety and Health

"Government's first and most basic responsibility is to protect the health of all Rhode Islanders. It's shameful that these issues have even become politicized. I'm not afraid of lobbyists and I won't allow our families to be put at risk because of the small group's greed."

Commonsense Gun Laws: The United States dramatically outpaces the rest of the world in gun deaths, especially mass shootings. We need to do everything we can to protect our families. Laufton will work to ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines. Weapons like this have no place on our streets. 

Protecting all Womens Right to Choose: Laufton will sign onto the Reproductive Health Care Act and protect access to reproductive healthcare here in Rhode Island, regardless of what happens in DC. Women's decisions about their own bodies belong only to them. 

A Real Response to the Opioid Crisis: A Rhode Islander dies from overdose almost every day. Laufton will fight to pass a comprehensive package to push back against the epidemic. Punishing those struggling with substance abuse is not the answer. We need to adequately invest in all forms of treatment and get to work on the root causes.

Affordable and Universal Healthcare: The cost of healthcare continues to increase taking up more and more of a family's budget. With Republicans' sabotage in Washington this will only get worse. It's time for the United States to join the rest of the world and pass universal healthcare. Laufton supports Medicare for All.